Will I ever be enough?


Ladies…I am sure you have feared these things before:

Fear #1: Am I too much?

Is my personality too loud? Can he handle all my sass? Do I have too much baggage? Do I talk too much? Am I too emotional?

Fear #2: Am I enough?

Do I have enough personality to keep them interested? Am I too simple? Am I funny enough? Am I smart enough? Am I pretty enough?

Why do we ask ourselves these questions? Especially as ladies, these are questions that continue to seep into our thoughts (all the time). But why?

Because of Love.

We were made from Love, by Love, to love. That is why we fear being too much or not enough—we long to know if we ARE enough to be loved.

And guess what…we won’t be enough for this world (in the sense that we will not love perfectly and we will not find perfect love in each other). But here is the good part—we were not made for this world! As St. Augustine said “my heart is restless until it rests in You.” We will never be fulfilled in this life because we were not made for this life.

All of our restlessness has a purpose. It reminds us that we are made for more than what this world offers.

Now don’t get me wrong, we can love well and well at that! I have seen many wives and husbands love each other so well and uniquely to each other. I have had my family and friends love me really well. They have thrown surprise parties, bought me chocolate (I’m a sucker for that), prayed with me, made me laugh, encouraged me, fixed my car, defended me from a sketchy guy (yikes), brought me flowers... The list can go on and on and on. Yet I still yearn to know if I am enough to be loved. Why when people have loved me so well?

Because God is the only one who can fulfill me.

Have you ever thought of the fact that God made you enough for Him? He thought of every single part of you and what you would be like and created you because He loved you so much He couldn’t help Himself that He had to breathe life into you.

You are enough simply because God created you.  Enough for Him. So don’t worry about being “perfect” for someone. We won’t ever be perfect here on this earth and we should not expect others to be perfect for us.

One more thing--if you ever hear yourself use the word “fear” for anything please remember this…fear is NOT from God.

Ladies, this fear of being too much or not enough… drop it like it’s hot!

Believe that you are enough because of the mere fact that you are here. You are enough for God and will never be too much for Him. God is where we find perfect love. So take the pressure of yourself to be “perfect” or to love perfectly.  We should try our derndest but also know that we won’t reach perfection here.

Give yourself a break and rest in the fact that you are enough to be loved.

Be His,