The Lord doesn’t need you. He wants you.


A few years ago I was earning my “saint points” by getting up before the sun to go to mass and then heading out to the abortion clinic to pray. Mass was insanely early, like 5:45 am, and I just thought someone should've canonized me right then and there for spending my free day getting up before the sun to go to mass! Well, I felt dern right proud of myself for making such a “big” sacrifice and saving babies at the same time. I sat during the mass just beaming from the inside out thinking of how wonderful I was. Then he said it. The priest began his homily with, “God does not need you.”

Did I just hear Father correctly? He must've seen the color drain right out of my face because he looked at me again and said “God does not need you.” All of a sudden I experienced so many emotions at one time. I felt angered that he would say such a thing when I had gotten up so early just to do this. I felt saddened after the reality of his words sank in and I realized that it was indeed correct that God did not need me. He is God. He can do it all. I felt my whole purpose for existing was completely shattered in one simple sentence. But then Father said, “He does not need you, but He WANTS you.” As soon as he said the word “wants,” I felt myself blush. Why was I blushing when just a few seconds before I was ready to high tail it out of mass?

As I sat in my chair trying to figure out why all of a sudden I felt nervous and giddy, it hit me...I was someone the Lord desired. No, He does not need me. He wants me. Need is out of necessity. Want is out of a desire. God Himself desired all of me. With this new found revelation, I was back in business and ready to conintue with mass and prayer at the abortion clinic. But it wasn't the same Christine who had walked in on her high and mighty horse. I was now the Christine who wanted to please the One who had been desiring me.

Ladies, isn't it so true that we are way more eager to do something for a man when we know they have interest in us? Yes! All of a sudden I wanted to be up early and pray at the abortion clinic because God desired me. He was interested in me. He IS interested in me.

I don't always leap up from my bed in the morning as soon as my alarm goes off just because I know God wants me...In fact, that rarely happens. Many times I forget that Someone is pursuing me. Someone is interested in me. Someone desires me. Someone wants me. But when I am reminded again (on a daily basis!) the purpose returns and once again the most simple of tasks, like washing a dish for the umptheenth time, becomes a little gift I can give to that Someone my heart loves.

This same Someone wants you. Everything about you. He created you to His own liking so it's foolproof, He can't not desire you. If we start living with the confidence that we are wanted, just imagine how much our daily lives will change. Even the most simple of tasks can be transformed into something beautiful.

The Lord doesn't need you. He wants you.