Can we really live in this world but not of it?


This week in our Makeup-less Monday video we talked about the question—can we really live in this world but not of it?

Yes we can! The answer is quite simple.

Live Jesus.

No matter what you are doing. Live Jesus. Ask how someone's day is going. Be kind. Be respectful. That stranger is also someone who Jesus loves so much He chose to die for them.

If you are going to a party—live Jesus. If you are checking out at the grocery store—live Jesus. If you are going out downtown with your friends—live Jesus. If you are working out— live Jesus. If you are going to the movies—live Jesus. If you are playing music for a show—live Jesus.

So…back to my Subway guy…

One year for my New Year’s resolution I really wanted to do something that would actually stick with me and be meaningful (I normally don’t make new year resolutions anyways. I’m just that type of person haha). So, out of nowhere I heard a still small voice say “Love everyone you meet.” Naturally I was confused about how to do that since I did not know every single person. Then it became clear. If I stepped outside of myself and sought the good of the other person then I could love anyone! Well…here goes.

I had been trying this for a few weeks now and it was intimidating. Being on the more introverted and shy side it was hard for me to initiate conversation but it was good. Stretching.

A few years ago I was on a trip as a chaperon and we stopped off at Subway to grab a sandwich. As I was approaching the man who would take my order he asked “what do you want?” My heart started pounding because I knew I needed to follow through with my new year’s resolution (it had only been two weeks since New Years for heaven's sake). This poor guy didn’t even look up because he was so busy taking orders and was just going about his business. I quietly said, “how are you doing today?” The man immediately looked up at me with a blank stare. Startled. Then tears began to well up in his eyes. I wasn’t sure what he was about to do or say next and I thought to myself “what have I done?!". He stared at me for probably 3 seconds total but it felt like 3 minutes. He finally spoke and said “I have worked here for so many years and I can’t tell you when the last time was that someone asked how my day was going. People come in every day and tell me what they want on their sandwich and then go about their day.”

He was caught off guard because a stranger took a moment to actually see him.

He smiled and got the rest of my order. As I was checking out he grabbed a chocolate chip cookie and put it in my sandwich bag and said “this is on me!” (If you know me then you know that I have a love for chocolate. Sweets in general. I don’t have a sweet tooth. I have sweet teeth. So this chocolate chip cookie was quite the treat!)

In all seriousness...

I was deeply touched by this man’s reaction. He reminded me of how simple it really is to live like Christ in this world. We probably won’t ever perform miracles. We will probably never change water into wine or multiply food but we can and should love each person we meet—and that is when little miracles can happen. When we allow Jesus to work through us He can move hearts. He can perform miracles.

We CAN live in this world but not of it. It can be difficult because we have to choose it every single day. Sometimes we do and sometimes we don't. But we CAN do it.

St. Francis de Sales proclaims it the most simple way, “Live Jesus.”