7 Practical Tips for Dating: from a Girl’s perspective


I hope you all enjoyed our Masculine Monday from Ben Bellet: A Guy's Perspective on Dating! It's always helpful and inspiring to hear about both sides of the spectrum because we need both sides!

This got us thinking about dating from a girl's perspective and we came up with 7 practical tips that have helped us when it comes to dating:

  1. Be Open

Many times we have our "picture perfect" image of who we want our boyfriend or future husband to be. This is not necessarily a good thing. We can become too concerned about what we want and close the doors to what God wants for us. It is good to have standards and it is actually just fine to find yourself being attracted to a specific type of man, but do not let that hinder you from giving other men a chance. When we open the doorway for God to move He will lead us to what is best for us... And we just might be surprised!

  1. Don't Over-spiritualize

Unfortunately, this is something easy to do. I have been guilty of this too! When we desire to do The Lord's will it can be easy to overlook normalcy for "signs" from God. When we are actively searching for signs from God we are not giving each other freedom to discern; we are not giving the Lord freedom to speak. Pray and take one day at a time.

  1. Be Confident

You are worth pursuing. You have actually been pursued your entire life already but might not be aware of it! Once you realize you are loved and are worth dying for you begin to live your life with purpose and confidence. You no longer place your value and worth upon whether or not you get asked out on a date. You are already worth it. So be confident that you are loveable and you are worth the pursuit because it is already happening. Confidence in your dignity is attractive!

  1. Respect Your Date

Whether or not you are interested in more dates with a man, treat him with respect. He has taken the courage to ask you out! Also, he is worthy of respect regardless of his intentions. Let him know you appreciate his time and intention.

  1. Respect Yourself

You are worth respecting! Respect yourself and do not be afraid to have boundaries. You are worth the wait and so is he. Do not be afraid to lose a guy because you desire and strive for a chaste relationship. If he does not respect that, then take that as a "sign" and move on! Know that you deserve to be treated as a lady, as the gift that you are.

  1. Love God First

Find your heart's desire in God first. We were made for Him! When we find our belonging in Him, then we can freely love a man without expectation of perfection, because we have found that in God. God is the only One who can love us perfectly, so please do not put that pressure on a man to love you perfectly or to "complete" you. God does that.

  1. Trust in God

You can trust Him with your happiness. This can be a daily battle of letting go of our own plans and letting God make our plans for us but it is worth every little battle. He created you and knows you better than you know yourself, so trust that He wants your utmost happiness. If it does not work out with a guy you are interested in, if you are not being asked out on dates, if you are single and waiting... Trust God. Trust that God has your best interest. He will never let you down!

Be His,