The Lord doesn’t need you. He wants you.

Reflect on the distinction between being needed and being desired by God, and the joy of being wanted for who you are.


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Let yourself be seen

Embrace the beauty of vulnerability and authenticity, and the freedom that comes from being loved as one's true self.


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Can we really live in this world but not of it?

Explore living a life of faith authentically amidst worldly challenges and the call to live Jesus in every moment.


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Will I ever be enough?

Address common fears of adequacy and self-worth, and be reassured of one's inherent value and lovability.


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Love in the ordinary

Recognize the profound love found in everyday actions and commitments, inspired by the teachings of St. Therese of Lisieux.


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I thought I knew

Share in the personal journey of finding happiness and fulfillment in unexpected places, beyond preconceived life paths.


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Love anyway

Amid societal turmoil, find inspiration to choose love over hate and the impact of love in transforming hearts and communities.


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7 Practical Tips for Dating: from a Girl’s perspective

Discover practical dating advice that empowers women to navigate relationships with confidence and authenticity


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New Year, New You

Reflect on the true purpose behind New Year's resolutions and the journey towards becoming the best version of oneself.


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Attraction is a good thing

Discuss the role of attraction in relationships and the importance of looking beyond physical appearances to the heart.


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Offer it up

Contemplate the spiritual significance of suffering and the redemptive power of uniting personal trials with the Passion of Christ.


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Eve…I feel your pain

Connect with the themes of shame and self-worth through a personal exploration of Eve's story and the universal struggle for acceptance.


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Little did I know

Explore the unique challenges and beauties of womanhood, and the power of being created female with intention and purpose.


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God is moving

Reflect on trusting God's unseen movements during life's stagnant seasons and the journey of faith.


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An open letter to a porn addict

Offering compassion and hope to those struggling with pornography, emphasizing their worth and the possibility of freedom.


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Red flags in dating

Identify ten dating red flags to make informed relationship decisions and avoid potential pitfalls.


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How to end a date

Navigate the end of a date with honesty and respect, prioritizing clear communication and personal safety.


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The beauty of conflict

Discover the unexpected beauty and transformation that can arise from conflict when approached with faith and the Holy Spirit.


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If you remain silent

Encouraging women to speak their truth and live courageously, inspired by Esther's story and the call to be defenders of life and truth.


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The one thing the Camino was not

Embrace the discomfort of the Camino journey and the spiritual freedom found in letting go and trusting in God's guidance.


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